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Site Administrator
25/7/2016 11:07:25 AM
This guestbook is closed and no more comments will be added until further notice by order of the County Executive.

County Seniors
14/6/2016 8:53:52 AM
Yes there are major cracks, but surely the question has to be why are girls not committing at senior level to their county. All underage teams have full squads so why are the senior team the only one with problems. Are clubs advising girls not to commit? is too much being asked from the county manager? It doesn't seem to be an honour to play for your county any more. Pretty much all clubs have county level standard players yet don`t feel inclined to put themselves forward, common ladies step forward.

By the way well done to the Loughgiel girls and to Cushendall`s Orla O'Hara - who dug deep and wore the Saffron with pride an Ulster Senior title is now yours.

For all the stay at home girls  - remember your wee comrades at club level are all going to play for their county (you know the wee ones who look up to you) - its never too late

13/6/2016 11:13:52 PM
Isn't it great to see the positivity around the County, what a boost from the weekend! The Senior cup back in Antrim and all the development squads doing extremely well on their trip to the south, so many keen young players at underage showing that the plan started 4 years ago is and will reap rewards in the coming years, all starting to come good, what potential there lies for the future of Antrim seniors if these players keep getting encouraged the way they are and have been for past few years. Also so good to hear of further strategic plan and action already under way regarding teams including the seniors next season, all sounds great and with the hard work continuing and everyone on board the future looks great. A huge congratulations to all involved who have put in the hours and especially as Ulster minor and senior champions. Sometimes I think people who are negative will always find things negative no matter what and will always have a snipe through this forum without the knowledge behind it. So come on let's celebrate and surely if it's not a message of encouragement for those putting the effort in or a genuine query then why write on here at all? As stated by Siobhan in previous post, show yourselves at the many meetings that are open to ideas and the future but please also bring the positive attitude, negativity never solved anything.

13/6/2016 5:01:06 PM
Fair play to Loughgiel (and Orla) stepping into the void left at county level for Antrim. This should benefit the club as they strive for the All-Ireland club they richly deserve. It will however only serve the county by papering over the cracks for another year regarding the crazy situation of not being able to pull together an All Antrim team.

Antrim Abu
12/6/2016 7:08:30 PM
Congratulations to the Seniors (Loughgiel  + Orla) on winning the Ulster Championship today in Ballybofey.

6/6/2016 10:42:37 PM
Well done to everyone at the launch of this years 3 championships. Was good to see it so well attended by almost all the teams this year. Great to see the obvious interest in the launch by all our clubs.

Probably the best championship in a while in store in each grade. Ballycastle are going well in the senior league and could give Lgiel a run for their money this year. Intermediate has added interest with Cargin and St Johns both going well in the league and both look like they want to give Loughgiel a rattle. In the Junior Bridini Oga are the strong favs having been beaten last year and going so well in Div. 2 though both St. Pauls & Dunloy could be dark horses.

Hopefully we get to see plenty of social media and local media coverage for our girls.

31/5/2016 11:48:39 PM
Who are the current sponsors of the Senior County Camogs? Thought it was the Crosskeys but on Sunday past going by photo''s it looked very like the County Antrim Post jersey''s that the girls were wearing, or maybe it was an old photo!!!
Hi Curious, Crosskeys Inn is the sponsor of the senior club championship NOT the senior county team. Antrim Seniors don't currently have a sponsor and no county can afford to dump sets of jerseys and a back up set is always needed for emergencies.As a gesture of thanks to Crosskeys Inn for continued support we will be using their county kit from last year in the next matches for we are currently waiting on replacement jerseys for our Crosskeys kit as ,would you believe, some went missing.

29/5/2016 10:04:41 AM
Where would I find all photos from the championship launch night?
Try Seamus McAleenan or Patrick McIlwaine.

26/5/2016 10:29:05 AM
Two Ulster U14 titles for Antrim schools this week!  Most of the players on the Cross and Passion and St Louis squads feature on the County U13 and U14 squads so hopefully this bodes well for success at this level in the coming months - keep up the good work everyone!

Minor Final
23/5/2016 8:22:12 AM
Congratulations to Loughgiel who maintained their grip on the minor trophy by beating old rivals Ballycastle 4.10 to 2.05. In what many thought would be a tight affair Loughgiel proved too strong with a strong first half performance being the difference.


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